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Are there Circuit Breakers? Yes     No
Is the Heating / Air Conditioning Thermostatically Controlled? Yes     No
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Are there any Pool Tables? Yes     No
If yes, Please Describe
Are there any Bouncers, Doormen, ID checkers, Armed or Security Guards? Yes     No
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Are there any Contests or Exhibition? Yes     No
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Are there any Audience Participation Events? Yes     No
If yes, Describe Events
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Is there Tableside Cooking? Yes     No
Is there an Automatic Suppression System? Yes     No
If yes, do they Protect all Hoods, Ducts and Griddles? Yes     No
Is there any Deep Frying? Yes     No
If yes, is there a High Limit Shutoff? Yes     No
Do you have an Outside Cleaning Service for the Hoods and Duct System? Yes     No
How Often are Hood and Duct Cleaned?
Is there any Manufacturing, Mixing, Re-Labeling or Repackaging of Products? Yes     No
Is there any Delivery Service? Yes     No
Is there any Catering Service? Yes     No
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