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Condo Insurance Fact Finding Questions
Of the following, what is the primary reason you insure your home? Liability Protection 
Loan Required 
Replace Investment 
Of the following, what is most important to you? Price 
Proper Coverage 
Approximately when was the last time you did a review with your agent? Within the year 
Over 2 years ago 
Over 5 years ago 
Would you be interested in going to higher deductibles to reduce your premium? Yes 
In the event of a lawsuit, accident, or judgment would you want to: Maximize Protection 
Assume Some Risk 
Would you be interested in mortgage cancellation insurance? Yes      No 
In the event of an untimely death, is it important to you that you're surviving spouse and/or children maintain the quality of life you currently have together without debt? Yes      No 
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Do you need Earthquake Protection? Yes     No 
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To receive a larger discount would you consider also insuring your cars? Yes     No 
Do you need a Home Warranty Quote? Yes     No 
Do you need a Flood Insurance Quote? Yes     No 
Do You Need an Umbrella Policy?
If you are being canceled or have any reported claims
in the last Five years, briefly explain why: (reason/date/description/amount paid/claim opened or closed)?